The YUMBO is the center of Carnival in the South of Gran Canaria!

Carnival is the biggest of the island’s festivals, which incites the interest of all the inhabitants of Gran Canaria. Thousands of people start making preparations a whole year in advance and they do this with only one aim – to have fun.

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Practically every corner of Gran Canaria has its own carnival celebrations, but the most unique are those of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, Agüimes, Agaete and Telde. Each one has its own unique flavour. All these celebrations draw masses of people who are guaranteed to have two weeks of fun and entertainment. Some revellers start their celebrations at the end of January, at the commencement of Shrovetide, following the festivities from one town to the other. If there is anything that characterises these celebrations, it is the maxim:“there’s no stopping until the body collapses”.

Fancy dresses with a weight of 100 kg.
There are no limits on the imaginations of the people who participate in this festival and any personage or thing can serve as a pretext for a masquerade or change of identity. Carnival in Gran Canaria is celebrated in the streets, with several hundred thousand people converging on the streets at the same moment, all in their varieated costumes and disguises, dancing to Latin strains and creating an atmosphere in which it is impossible not to be infected by the merriment.

The carnival celebrations in the various municipalities are more than just popular festivals. They are also great shows. However, you will find the most extensive programmes of activities at the carnivals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and San Bartolomé.

The festivities are opened with a “pregón” (opening speech) full of humour and irony, after which the competitions for the murgas, comparsas and music groups commence. Many other events take place during the period that falls between these competitions and the final event, which is the Burial of the Sardine, when grieving “widows” in costume bid Carnival farewell each year. Some of these festivities that deserve mention are the Carnival Queen Competition and gala ceremony, which is one of the capital’s festivities that cannot be missed; the Drag Queen Competition and gala ceremony, which surpasses all expectations every year in terms of participants, attendance and international popularity; and the Great Carnival Parade.

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