Opened: October 1982
Start reforms: March 2003
Comercial area: 19.329 qm
Terrace area: 9.070 qm
Free area (Park): 20.000 qm
Shops: 204
Floors: 4
Opening hours: 24 h/daily

The YUMBO is one of the greatest and most well-known shopping and leisure centers on the island of Gran Canaria. More than 200 shops, pubs and bars, service and trade companies as well as the many small stands of the "travelling hawkers" create an international atmosphere enjoyed by our visitors. In addition to everyday necessities the YUMBO offers you a wide and selected range of fashion, jewellery, accessories and electric goods.
The multitude of nations is very clearly represented by the restaurants and, many individually designed and lovely furnished bars invite you to have a fresh beer or enjoy a delicious cocktail. All over the year the YUMBO not only presents numerous small attractions, but also big events. Every spring the famous Carnival of Maspalomas makes the YUMBO become the stronghold of the Carnival Celebrations. But actually the YUMBO is always a bit of a mad-house ... We are looking forward to seeing you!

The four-storeyed YUMBO is built in a rectangular shape around the main area and the spacious park which is the central point of the YUMBO and invites visitors to have a walk, stroll along or just rest for a while. Despite the extent of the center the open architecture enables the visitor to always keep the orientation and not to lose one´s bearings.

You are really spoilt for choice if you want to go out to eat in the YUMBO. For every day and every taste you will find the right cooking as it ranges from appetizing snacks to exquisite menues and from Chinese, Italian, Indian and Spanish cooking to German, English, Belgian or Danish food. Bon Appetit!

Rummage about in a variety of goods for sale of the many small bazaars. With a little skill to negotiate you will certainly do a real good bargain with fashion, leather goods or shoes. But beware: bazaar traders are very business-minded... ;-)

Fashion, Jewellery & Perfumes:
On the island of Gran Canaria a lot of goods and luxury articles are often substantially cheaper than in your home country due to the special tax advantages, so going on a shopping spree is mostly worthwhile, no matter if you are doing it for yourself or for beloved persons at home. In our section "OFFERS" you will frequently be informed on special offers from our renowned shops in the YUMBO.

The Spanish word for supermarket is "supermercado". In the supermercados of the YUMBO you will be offered an extensive range of basic necessities from bread or bread rolls, sweets, savoury biscuits, vegetables, meat products to tooth brushes and baby nappies.

Bars & Pubs:
The bars and pubs of the YUMBO are well-known far beyond the borders of the Canarian archipelago. Many bars have been lovely furnished with lots of remarkable details by the managers, mostly being homosexual, so each bar has its own specific character. Some bars are already open in the early afternoon, others normally open their doors between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. The terraces of the bars are an excellent location for enjoying a fresh beer, a fruity sangria or a yummy cocktail while watching the lively hurly-burly on the "catwalk".

Show & Entertainment:
Pull up the curtain - Put on a play: "The Whole World is a Theatre Tonight". This motto well describes the shows being offered in the YUMBO. Parody, singing, slapstick, karaoke, travesty or drag show, - you shouldn´t miss any of these. We will not say more here but we just wish you a lot of fun with these amazing shows. Be assured!

"Travelling Hawkers":
All around the main area you will see travelling hawkers and artists every night. Nice souvenirs, costume jewellery and craft objects are offered for sale and the artists do paintings and portraits or other artistic tricks. The small sales stands are quite welcome and an enrichment for an evening walk throughout the YUMBO.

Leisure & Fun:
Playing pinball or pool, gambling machines, Formel-1 driving, bull-riding or bungee-trampoline. There is so much fun for everyone in the YUMBO. The latest YUMBO attraction can already be admired from a distance. The "Skyrider" catapults you in a ball 70 metres towards the moon. Have fun! Or let´s say it with the words of the Skyrider´s manager: "And the brain goes blob..."

The nightlife in the YUMBO is mostly characterized by the gay scene. Beside leather and fetish bars, gays will also find dark rooms. Some of the bars are restricted to only men or only women. However, in the discotheques or in the sex shops normally all kinds of visitors have a good time: with lots of fun and joy!

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